Q: How many times can the mask be washed?

A: The EVOPURE+ mask is qualified to maintain 97% of its antiseptic effect after washing 50 times.


Q: How long will it take to get the masks ordered?

A: Masks by non-preorders can be expected to be received within 3-5 days


Q: Are the EVOPURE+ masks medical grade qualified?

A: The EVOPURE+ masks are made of knitted fabric which do not qualify as medical grade according to local regulations and are not recommended for use in area with high risks of infection. However, their antiseptic effect rate is up to 99.9% according to CNS14774 national safety inspection specifications.


Q: Which mechanism the EVOPURE+ masks is employed in fighting bacteria?

A: The EVOPURE+ masks employ antiseptic solutions with nano zinc ions. When the latter (chelated on the shell fabric of the mask) get exposed to bacteria/viruses, their membranes are damaged and their growth is suppressed until dying out naturally.


Q: How long can the antiseptic effect last?

A: Differing from chemical antiseptic mechanisms, the EVOPURE+ product one can last continuously.

Q: How do you validate the antiseptic effect

A: Effects of an antiseptic mandate tests at an inspection lab. However, you may test the deodorant effects of the antiseptic solution with nano zinc ions at home as the latter is antiseptic as well as deodorant. Get ammonia water from a local drugstore, test the deodorant effects by dropping some ammonia water on the mask fabric, the odor of ammonia may be removed in 5-8 minutes varying with the concentration of the latter.


Q: Any precautions required for cleaning the mask?

A: Wash your masks with neutral detergent and dry them is all you need to do. DO NOT add softener when washing them as the latter will coat the fibers of the shell fabrics to make them feel soft. This will cover the chelated zinc ions and hamper the antiseptic effects.


Q: Does wearing the mask make you feel muggy?

A: No, not at all. Being made of special air cotton materials, the EVOPURE+ masks not only feel soft and comfortable but also breathable and muggy free with 3D tailoring.


Q: Are the EVOPURE+ masks water splashing resistant?

A: No, they are not splashing resistant as they are not subjected to  repellent processing. The EVOPURE+ masks' antiseptic effects come by exposing zinc ions (chelated on the surface of the shell fabric) to bacteria/virus landing on masks with droplets.