UKL Enterprise Co., LTD., the parent company of EVOPURE+, has been making and exporting textile products for over 30 years. It not only invests heavily in developing functional fabrics and yarns, but also fully supports the R&D and production of EVOPURE + with resources in the supply chain and experiences in production.


More than 40 tons of waste created by disposable medical-grade masks is left in Taiwan every day!


Roles played by a full range of disposable epidemic prevention supplies and chemical-added products quickly change from epidemic prevention helpers into environmental burden amid the surging COVID-19 epidemic. The EVOPURE+ series of products based on the exclusive formula of nano-zinc ion antiseptic solutions result in no harm not only to the human body but also to the environment we lived in.


The principle of nano zinc ion


Elemental zinc is one of the trace elements found in the human body. It promotes the proliferation and activity of lymphocytes, but also benefits in mitigating acne and other skin diseases as claimed by dermatologists.

The exclusive antiseptic solution with nano-zinc ions adopted by EVOPURE+ contains zinc molecules up to 5 nanometers – the smallest type available on the market now – by nano-technology. The solution forms a layer of chelate molecule structure over the product surface and combines with bacteria, molds, and viruses to break the function of their membrane.   With its concentration (purity) of nano-zinc ions, it offers the maximum antiseptic effects and effectively suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria for long-lasting bacterial protection.

Bacteria comes with negative charges

Zinc ions block the nutrient supply Germs die

Positive and negative charges
attract each other Zinc ions
penetrate into the bacteria

EVOPURE+ 奈米鋅抗菌商品

Tensions generated by the unbalanced potential between the zinc nano-ions (positively charged) and bacteria/viruses (negatively charged) would break, tear apart, and cause holes in the cell walls of the latter and block their growth by fencing off the reproduction mechanism. Robust bonding in between nano zinc ions and bacteria/viruses enables the ions to penetrate into the bacteria and combine with the functional group of oxidation metabolism to block the latter and damage its biological activity. Differing from conventional chemical sterilization, this physical sterilization mechanism not only disables drug resistance by bacteria/viruses, but is also environmentally friendly.


The air layer fabric is soft and comfortable, and can be washed and reused. The addition of nano-zinc ion antibacterial liquid has antibacterial and deodorant functions.

EVOPURE+__ASTRO MASK 奈米鋅口罩_高效防護抗菌除臭布口罩



3D stylish antiseptic and deodorant mask

High Performance anti-bacterial fabric mask

(Equipped with multi-color silicone adjusting buckle)

Ideal for low-risk environments including households, offices, and public transportation systems. Choose from multiple color options to fit your mood even when fighting the epidemic.

The double-layer structure contains PTFE nano-film. In addition Equipped with a silicone adjusting buckle, the fit can be adjusted with the shape of the face. It is suitable for long-term wear or use in a high-risk environment (hospital/clinic, etc.)The double-layer structure contains PTFE nano-film. In addition to antibacterial and deodorizing, it can filter suspended particles up to 0.075nm, and the protection is upgraded.Comes with different color silicone adjusting buckles, allowing you to freely match colors.The dust bag of the mask is not only convenient to store, but also can be used as a mask laundry bag~ You can easily clean the mask without wearing it.to antibacterial and deodorizing, it can filter suspended particles up to 0.075nm, and the protection is upgraded.


EVOPURE+ applies the unique nano-zinc ion antibacterial liquid to the textile application, which has passed the test of TTRI and ITS, and has antibacterial and deodorant functions. . EVOPURE+ all series of nano-zinc ion products are produced locally in Taiwan, so that you have no worries about epidemic prevention.